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February 2020 Update

Please see our new “What's On” Programme for 2020 by clicking on the above button or pop in and see us and pick up a leaflet.

Commencing March 5th we are returning to our ‘normal’ opening hours of:

  • Thursdays 10 – 12

  • Saturdays 10 – 1

  • Sundays 10 – 2

We are pleased to report to visitors to the park that the terribly potholed drive into the park will be repaired properly by the council when the weather is less cold and wet, but in the meantime, Every Cloud is hoping to arrange temporary repairs to mitigate the worse of the potholes. Thank you to all our visitors who signed our petition (over 300 individuals).

Every Cloud Arts & Crafts has just been accepted as a “good cause” in the Swindon Community Lottery. 

Please click here to find more information on how you can support us and have a chance to win. 

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